Kybella Bids ByeBye to Double-Chins

Kybella Bids ByeBye to Double-Chins

By Maren Stratte, and Andrew Copeland MD

One of the most asked-about treatments in our office is also our favorite to talk about. Kybella stands out as a revolutionary injectable designed to reduce submental fat, commonly known as the "double chin." After gaining popularity a few years ago, this non-surgical option has become a game-changer for those seeking a more defined jawline without the need for invasive procedures.


Kybella, also known by its generic name deoxycholic acid, is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring substance in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. Approved by the FDA, Kybella has gained widespread recognition for its effectiveness in contouring the submental area.


The active ingredient in Kybella, deoxycholic acid, works by disrupting the fat cell membrane, causing the fat cells to break down and be absorbed by the body's natural processes. Once injected into the targeted area, Kybella gradually transforms the appearance of a double chin, revealing a more sculpted and defined jawline over time.


Kybella is only performed by Dr. Copeland at our MedSpa, and we offer two different levels of treatment; the jaw area, or the full submental area. The procedure typically involves a series of injections administered directly into the submental fat. The number of sessions required varies from person to person, depending on factors such as the amount of submental fat and individual treatment goals. We recommend three treatments spaced 6-8 weeks to most patients who are looking for full results. Patients may experience mild discomfort, and an itching or burning sensation from the medicine as it’s injected during the procedure, but these sensations are temporary. 


One of the key advantages of Kybella is its minimal downtime compared to surgical alternatives. While some swelling, bruising, and redness may occur post-treatment, these effects usually subside within a few days to a couple of weeks. Patients can resume their daily activities shortly after the procedure, making it a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles. This time of year also offers the perfect opportunity for Kybella, as it’s easy to hide swelling under a scarf.


Before scheduling Kybella, we require a consultation with Dr. Copeland to make sure that you are a good candidate. Factors such as overall health, medical history, and individual goals will be considered during the consultation to ensure a personalized and effective treatment plan.

Kybella represents a significant leap forward in the realm of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, offering individuals a safe and effective way to address submental fat and achieve a more sculpted jawline. As the demand for minimally invasive procedures continues to rise, Kybella stands out as a reliable and innovative solution, helping individuals regain confidence in their appearance without the need for surgery. If you're considering a non-surgical approach to redefine your profile, Kybella may be the key to unlocking confidence.

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