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  • Introducing SkinPen: A look at the benefits of Microneedling

    By Maren Stratte and Andrew Copeland MD

    In the quest for flawless and youthful-looking skin, there are countless treatments and procedures available today. One such innovation that has taken the beauty world by storm is SkinPen Microneedling

  • Botox Dos and Don'ts: Achieving Optimal and Safe Results

    By Elizabeth G Stratte MD, Maren Stratte and Andrew Copeland MD

    To maximize your treatment's advantages, consider these recommendations

  • The Radiant Glow: Unveiling the Power of LED Light Therapy for Skin

    By Maren Stratte, Elizabeth G Stratte MD, and Andrew Copeland MD

    In the ever-evolving world of skincare, new technologies and treatments continuously emerge to help us achieve healthier, more vibrant skin. One such advancement gaining popularity is LED light therapy. 

  • Skin Flooding: The Hydration Holy Grail

    By Maren Stratte

    In the quest for healthy and glowing skin, we often focus on various skincare products and treatments that work to exfoliate the skin. However, one important aspect that is often overlooked is the role of proper hydration. 

  • Lashing Out: How to enhance your lashes and brows

    By Gina Cartwright and Elizabeth G Stratte MD

    Many of us strive for long, thick and dark eyelashes, long, beautiful lashes look great on everyone. Even if you're wanting fuller brows, there’s a new product to enhance your natural brows.

  • Peeling Back the Layers

    By Gina Cartwright and Elizabeth G Stratte MD

    From acne and sun damage to simply getting older, your skin can change a lot as you go through life. But you don’t have to settle for dull, damaged skin. Chemical peels are a safe and effective cosmetic treatment to re-energize dull, lifeless skin.

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