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Posted by on Aug 2, 2017 in Blog |

5 Essentials for this Summer!

Summer takes a major toll on our skin. The sun causes damage, dehydration leaves skin looking dry, and sweat can clog the pores. So how can you keep your skin looking as glowing and beautiful as you want it to be (and to rival Jennifer Lopez’s)? Here are Renew’s 5 Summer Essentials:


Avene Compact SPF 50

We are OBSESSED with the Avene Compact year round as it is perfect for sensitive skin, as well as post-laser treatment. In the summer, I like to ditch my foundation which can make my skin feel heavy and clogged in the heat, and replace it with the compact. It covers all discoloration, but also has a natural look. After this, SPF becomes an added bonus.


Colorescience SPF 50

The Colorescience powder comes in 3 different shades and is water resistant! It’s perfect to wear at the pool or lake, and is easy to apply. I use mine as a setting powder, to keep me from looking shiny, as well as a nice way of reapplying without disturbing my makeup. For summer we are having a special….


Jane Iredale’s Pommisst

A godsend to anyone who errors on the side of dry skin, or as a way to cool down during the hot months. Additionally it has pomegranate extract that act as a great antioxidant. I like to use Pommisst as a setting and base spray for my makeup, as well as keeping it with me during the day to keep me cool.


Obagi Vitamin C Serum

For every new patient, the first two products we always recommend are a sunscreen and an antioxidant. These two products work together to fix previous skin damage, and to prevent future damage. Vitamin C serum targets hyper-pigmentation, discoloration, and collagen production to make skin look and feel younger. At Renew, we have a variety of levels of Vitamin C to choose from that we can customize to fit into your existing skin routine.


Jack Black Lip Balm SPF 25

With a variety of different flavors, anyone can find a Jack Black Lip Balm that calls to them. They keep lips moisturized, and are clear in color. I love putting them over lipsticks to give my lips a more supple look, as well as a delicious taste. Putting sunscreen on our lips usually slips one’s mind, but our lips are actually more susceptible to damage because they contain no melanin. Overtime, sun damage will discolor lips, as well as stunt our collagen development. Let’s keep our pouts perfect ladies! Invest in a sunscreen for your lips.

Feel free to stop by our Renew Skin Solutions Store to talk to our product specialist to find your summer essentials!

Note: All of theses products are cruelty-free

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