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Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

before and after

Photo Rejuvenation:

The photo enhancer, Levulan is applied to the skin and activated by the Red Omnilux Revive Light to target unwanted pigment. This improves age spots, decreases oil production, shrinks pore size and evens skin texture. The treatment targets pre-cancerous cells, reducing the occurrences of basal cell and squamous cell cancers. Minimal down-time; most return to routine activities in a week.


Acne Peel and Omnilux Light Therapy:

Safe, effective and painless treatment of acne using the FDA approved Omnilux Light. Treatment begins with a mild glycolic chemical peel which enhances penetration of the light. For best results a series of alternating the two Blue and Red Omnilux Lights is recommended.


Acne Photodynamic Therapy:

The photo enhancer Levulan is applied to the skin followed by the Blue Omnilux Light. This combination of Levulan and is effective at killing bacteria, reducing oil and smoothing the texture of acne scars.

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